Installing XRDP - Kali Linux

Paulo Bazzo

Access your Kali Linux remote from your Windows Machine

Are you having issues connecting to your Kali usnig RDP? Well, you are on the right place. To access Kali Linux via Remote Desktop we need to install a service.

sudo apt install xrdp -y

Starting the XRDP Server

Once the xrdp is installed we run the following commands to start the service

sudo service xrdp start
sudo serivce xrdp-sesman start
sudo update-rc.d xrdp enable

Now let's verify XRP is running

sudo service xrdp status

Check your Kali IP

Use the command below to check your IP and use that to connect via RDP
On this scenario, I am assuming you are connected to your local computer Kali available on your local network.
On my case my local IP is

 ifconfig -a

We can also use the new version of the IP command on Linux below

ip addr

RDP Client

Now you can use the RDP client to login into your machine. Search for "remote" and you will find "Remote Desktop Connection", open that. Alternativelly,you can press "Windows + R" and typing mstc

image showing rdp connection to kali linux and windows

Congratulations you can now access your Kali machine from your Windows computer.